EOMYS Engineering was founded in 2013 in Lille, in the north of France, only one hour away from Paris.

Being specialized in vibroacoustics of electrical systems, EOMYS Engineering provides R&D consulting services, measurement and testing services, as well as simulation software solutions for electric motors.

Our engineering team, combining highly qualified skills in electrical engineering, vibroacoustic and scientific computing, completed worldwide more than 100 consulting projects on due to electromagnetic forces (called e-NVH in automotive applications for electrical Noise, Vibration, Harshness), leading up to 40 dB reduction in electric powertrains. EOMYS also develops and distributes MANATEE, the only simulation software specialized in the vibroacoustic design optimization of electrical machines under electromagnetic excitations.

For further information regarding our work, please visit our EOMYS website or contact us directly .

Why working on electromagnetic noise and getting trained in this field?

A topology and slot/pole combination can have +/- 20 dB impact on acoustic noise and vibrations due to magnetic forces, their influence is therefore of great importance and must not be neglected.

The demands on e-motor designers of today are remarkably high. They have to work on electromagnetics, heat transfer… and vibro-acoustics.

Magnetic excitations and transfer paths are complex (rotor/stator, radial/tangential/axial, air-borne/structure-borne, resonance/forced conditions, slotting/switching, sound quality). Special and comprehensive competences in this field are therefore increasingly required.

The most efficient reduction techniques lead to electromagnetic performance reduction so trade-offs must be made (e.g. skewing reduces efficiency) to significantly optimize an e-machine design.

For French trainees

EOMYS Engineering is referenced QUALIOPI as training organization under the number 3259 09376 59. Our training courses can therefore be the subject of partial funding by your OPCO. For doctoral thesis students, a validation of the training in terms of ECTS is possible.