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e-NVH mitigation flash plan

Get a turn-key solution combining state-of-the-art e-NVH training and software to quickly set-up an e-NVH virtual prototype of your electrical machine, troubleshoot the magnetic noise problem and investigate by yourself some first noise control actions. This service is complementary to EOMYS e-NVH consulting services and Manatee software long-term leasing licenses.

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After receiving a short tutorial on magnetic noise & vibration fundamentals, you will benefit from a customized training on Manatee e-NVH software to quickly set-up and run a combined magnetic, structural and acoustic simulation of your first application case at variable speed. The training is organized as four separate meetings of 1h over 2 weeks:

    1. Definition of your electrical machine and choice of best simulation workflow to tackle your noise issue.

    1. Preparation of the 3D FEA modal basis to be imported in Manatee and run of FEA-based magnetic calculations (MLUT) to calculate magnetic forces over speed.

    1. Run of variable speed e-NVH simulation combining MLUT and 3D FEA modal basis. Presentation of Manatee key visualization tools and troubleshooting of the problem.

    1. Presentation of Manatee parameter sweep and e-NVH solution environments. Advice on next simulation to be run to mitigate the noise problem.

After this first diagnosis of the noise problem, you can continue using Manatee software license for 1 month to evaluate more redesign alternatives or model new electrical machines. You can still get some advices at any time from EOMYS as the leasing license comes with 2 hours of e-NVH support ; they can be used to discuss simulation results, next steps to solve the issue, or test/simulation correlation problems during dedicated teleconferences.

Input data

  • .DXF drawings of laminations
  • Id/Iq function of speed for synchronous machines, or voltage/slip function of speed and Equivalent Circuit parameters for induction machine
  • Torque as a function of speed
  • 3D FEA mechanical model comprising at least stator lamination from Optistruct or from Ansys Mechanical (for other formats, please contact us) ; full model may include also rotor, bearings, housing, gearbox etc.


  • 2h30 training on the fundamentals of magnetic noise and vibrations (prerecorded video of a tutorial on e-NVH physics)
  • 4-hour customized training on Manatee to simulate your electrical system e-NVH behavior and start implementing some first noise reduction techniques (maximum 4 persons per meeting)
  • 1-month Manatee software leasing license (see www.manatee.eomys.com for more information) for maximum 2 different users
  • 2 hours of e-NVH support provided by EOMYS e-NVH experts (maximum 4 persons per meeting)


The study does not include any analysis of experimental data which can be ordered separately through our e-NVH test data analysis service. Manatee V2.2 includes e-NVH simulation of radial flux PMSM, SCIM, and WRSM. External rotor topology is only available for PMSM. e-NVH simulations provided through this online purchase are limited to sinusoidal current supply. Effects such as large eccentricities, unbalanced currents, uneven magnetization, or PWM currents can only be studied within a dedicated consulting project.