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Sound and vibrations fundamentals for electrical engineers

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This part of the training covers the fundamentals of acoustic noise and vibrations for electrical engineers who are not familiar with mechanical / vibroacoustic engineering. Key notions such as vibrations, structural modes and resonance, sound pressure / power, A-weighting and sound quality are covered. The link with electrical machines is regularly done during the course.

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Detailed content:

  • Vibrations
    • Linear resonator case
    • Stiffness & mass, damping
    • Forced & resonance regimes
    • Generalization to N degrees of freedom
    • Structural modes
    • Modal superposition principle
  • Sound
    • Pressure, velocity
    • Power, intensity
    • Log scale
    • Third octave analysis, dBA
    • Radiation efficiency
    • Distance & reflection effects
    • Sound quality

Number of slides: 70


M0 - Introduction

Introduction on magnetic noise and vibrations

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