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Reduction techniques of magnetic noise and vibrations

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This part reviews some key design rules allowing to control noise & vibrations due to magnetic forces, with their advantages and drawbacks. Noise mitigation techniques cover magnetic, control and structural design parameters, but most of the course deals with electromagnetic design modifications as it is the most efficient way to control magnetic noise and vibrations. 

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Detailed content:

  •  Noise control strategies
  •  Electromagnetic design
    • Topology – ranking of main topologies
    • Slot / pole / phase numbers
    • Asymmetries
    • Winding design
    • Skewing
    • Pole shaping
    • Slot shaping
    • Notching
  •  Control & switching strategy design
    • Current angle
    • Current injection
    • PWM strategy
  •  Structural design
    • Yoke shape
    •  Frame to lamination contact
    • Damping
    • Transfer paths – airborne Vs structure-borne
  • Synthesis of low noise electric motor design parameters

Number of slides: 80


M0 - Introduction

Introduction on magnetic noise and vibrations

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