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Numerical simulation of magnetic noise and vibrations

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This part discusses the different ways to include the assessment of magnetic noise and vibrations in a virtual prototyping workflow of e-machines in terms of accuracy, speed and robustness. Different modelling approaches are reviewed, and numerical challenges of CAE-based calculations are discussed. Algorithms to speed up calculations like vibration synthesis and load extrapolation are presented.

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Detailed content:

  • Modelling approaches
  • Electromagnetic calculations
    • Analytical methods (e.g. permeance / mmf)
    • Semi-analytical methods (e.g. subdomain models)
    • Finite element methods
  • Magnetic force calculation
    • Maxwell stress method
    • Virtual work method
    • Equivalent forces
  • Structural calculation
    • Analytical methods
    • Finite element methods
  • Electromagnetic to structural coupling methods
  • Acoustic calculations
    • ERP
    • Semi analytic
    • BEM/FEM
  • Numerical challenges
  • Load calculation algorithms
  • Vibration synthesis algorithm

Number of slides: 80


M0 - Introduction

Introduction on magnetic noise and vibrations

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