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Magnetic Force Signature Analysis

Subscribe to Eomys Magnetic Force Signature Analysis (MFSA) tool to quickly analyze the magnetic excitation patterns of different machine topologies at variable speed in early e-NVH design stage. MFSA can also be helpful to analyze test data and understand where measured harmonics are coming from.

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Magnetic Force Signature Analysis allows you to visualize the frequency signature of magnetic forces, vibration and noise of a given electrical machine from a very few number of input variables.


MFSA can be used by electrical engineers and NVH test engineers as it only requires very few input parameters:

  • Type of electrical motor: permanent magnet, externally-excited synchronous machines or induction machines
  • Number of slots, poles and winding phases
  • Reference frame (stator or rotor), to study external rotor machines or structure borne noise
  • Load state (open circuit, on-load). Harmonics coming from Pulse Width Modulation (SPWM) can also be added to anticipate switching noise problems.

The tool allows to explore the electromagnetic interactions to find out from where a given harmonic originates. It is also possible to visualize the shape of the magnetic force for a given harmonic.


You can download a documentation here.


Magnetic Force Signature Analysis (MFSA) software is available through a subscription of at least one month. There is no need of an active Manatee software license to run it, although it is part of Manatee software as “Quick Campbell” module. MFSA does not perform FEA magnetic simulations and does not output the magnitude values of force harmonics. MFSA needs to be installed on Windows 8, 10 or 11 and requires an internet connection and at least 400Mo of disk space. Once your order is complete and validated, our team will send you as soon as possible all the necessary information and data to install MFSA.

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