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Manatee software training and customized application case

EOMYS offers a dedicated training on Manatee e-NVH software combined with a one-month floating license.

This training course is designed for electrical, mechanical or NVH engineers involved in the design of electrical systems with noise and vibration requirements, who may want to learn more about Manatee software while solving a practical noise issue during an application project.

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The complete training package includes the delivery of a 2.5h pre-recorded video on e-NVH basics, a 1h personal Q/A workshop following the screening of this video and then 4 meetings of 1.5h each to train the customer on Manatee software for the duration of his one-month license.

This training integrates a specific customer application case.

Training deliverables includes: e-NVH simulation results of a current-driven variable speed PMSM under sine supply, using stator Beam Element Model and 3D FEA import of modal basis from Ansys or Optistruct (max 1 million dof),

In the case of a purchase of this training, and a possible follow-on to a longer-term leasing license within 3 months, the customer is exempted from the Manatee user training normally required for this later license. This policy does not apply when new users are added who have not followed the previous "Manatee software training and customized application case".