Eomys - Training site

Eomys - Training site

Welcome to the online registration site for EOMYS technical trainings.
Our next session for e-NVH onsite training is planned for November/December 2022.

Eomys Training modules

EOMYS offers different training solutions, all provided by e-NVH R&D engineers and software developers from EOMYS Engineering, who can draw on almost ten years of experience with more than 150 projects and 80 customers worldwide.

Standard e-NVH Training (on site)

EOMYS Engineering offers a complete e-NVH training provided in its office in Lille (1h from Paris by train), France. This face-to-face training covers the content of the full online training and lasts for 3 full days.
The maximum number of participants is limited to 12.

Standard e-NVH Training (on line)

EOMYS Engineering offers several online training modules which can be ordered on this website.
Our complete e-NVH Technical Online Training includes 7 modules of 3,5 hours each (including 30 min of break and 15 min of Q&A round). The different topics can be found on this website, registration and payment are also possible online. Each module can be purchased independently, however, all modules combined form a complete training program built upon each other. If several modules are ordered, corresponding discounts are applied.
The maximum number of participants in each online training is limited to 15.

E-NVH Measurement Workshop

This practical 1-day workshop focuses on measurements of electromagnetic noise and vibrations (e-NVH) and takes place at EOMYS’ office in Lille (1h from Paris by train), France. Please find here the next available date and the registration procedure. During the workshop, the main noise radiation causes of an electric motor due to magnetic forces will be explained to participants by using dedicated measurements techniques assisted by EOMYS’ consultants/R&D engineers. The workshop also focuses on fault analysis and noise reduction techniques from a very practical point of view.

Customized e-NVH Workshops (on site)

EOMYS trainers are also used organizing on-site technical workshops. This result-oriented format allows high customization to your technical needs. Such programs can include visit of manufacturing facilities, review of simulation & testing methodologies, analysis of technical reports, brainstorming sessions or measurement campaigns. A maximum of interactivity is guaranteed, and a detailed action plan is delivered at the end of the workshop.

Private Technical Talk

If a training content needs to be discussed or deepened in person after a general online training with several participants, or even without having participated in a specific training before, there is the possibility to purchase a private Technical Talk. It is the opportunity to share more details about your specific application and discuss specific vibro-acoustic issues in the light of EOMYS experience.

PDF Download

For independent learning and continuing on-the-job training, various PDF documents are available on this website for fee-based downloading. In case of questions or if certain topics should be dealt for further explanation in person, a Private Technical Talk can be booked as an additional option.

Manatee software User Training

EOMYS develops also Manatee Software which is
the only software specialized on the assessment of magnetic noise and vibrations throughout the development lifecycle of electrical systems. As such, it is a multi-disciplinary simulation and analysis environment of electromagnetic noise and vibrations, from electrical machines conceptual design phase to system-level detailed design phase.
Manatee software is developed by EOMYS and based on the long-standing experience of the different consulting experts. 

Each Manatee software license comes along with a User training that can be customized according to specific applications on the customer’s side. For further formation, please visit our Manatee software website.