EOMYS hosted 363 trainees in total and gave 20 customized training outside its headquarter between 2019 and 2023.

The average performance rate of our training courses is 92%. It is based on evaluation exercises offered to our trainees at the beginning and at the end of a training course,
measuring the progress of their acquired knowledge.

Johan Grébert.Head of Acoustics Business Group Europe, Autoneum Switzerland.

I had the opportunity to attend some e-NVH training by Eomys Engineering regarding electromagnetic noise and vibrations of electrical drives. A high quality content, customized to the need, with a great organization in a friendly environment. Thanks a lot to the extremely qualified and experienced team, Karine Degrendele, Martin Glesser and Jean Le Besnerais! And if you can’t benefit from their expertise to support NVH optimized design of eDrive for BEV, encapsulation solutions may always be considered for noise reduction…. (2022)

Nejat Saed.Research Assistant at Graz University of Technology, Austria.

It was a great experience to learn the basics of vibration and noise of electrical machines from a professional group in a friendly atmosphere. I got a lot of ideas for my research from the material and discussions during the webinars. I think It will be so useful for anyone who works in this field. (2021)

Bernhard Weilharter.Mechanical engineer, ELIN Motoren GmbH, Austria.

I attended the eNVH training to obtain more insight about the electromagnetic noise generation of PM machines. The training is very well structured and the complex topic is presented and explained in a very interactive way and illustrated with examples of relevant applications to help the attendees understand and apply the obtained knowledge. The speaker were always open for questions and discussions and they have a profound knowledge and a lot of experience which they share in this training. (2021)

Francesco Deidda.NVH Engineer, Bentley Motors and AVA Consulting, UK.

The first thing I want to say is that I’m glad I decided to attend this online seminar. The webinar covered a lot of pieces of information, delivered in a concise form and with a clear and effective structure. The hosts came with a wealth of knowledge with regard to the fundamentals of electrical machines and their applications to NVH methodologies, showing an abundance of enthusiasm and passion for the subject. It is noteworthy to mention that the interaction with the seminar attendees really made a difference by giving me the confidence to implement new techniques and ultimately improving my understanding of electrical machines. (2020)

Leonardo Ferretti. Motor Design Engineer, Magnax, Belgium.

Everything related to this course was on point and was taught step by step to cover, understand all the material and be able to follow the different modules. I definitely liked the possibility to interact with the presenters during the training. A small point of improvement: I would have needed a bit more time between each module in order to study and really absorb all the concepts. (2020)

Marco Satrústegui. PhD, researcher at the Electric Vehicle department, Ceit BRTA, Spain.

A very good way to introduce myself into noise in electric drives. The assistance of the team during the course was unbeatable. (2020)

Nicolas Pelé. Ingénieur NVH, Punch Powerglide Strasbourg, France.

I needed to widen my skills in eNVH since my company is having more and more projects with edrive powertrain. I attended the 3-day training at EOMYS. The training was very interesting, with a complete introduction to make everybody understands all topics related to eNVH issues. Then it went into theoretical details with relevant application cases and a constant interactive exchange that let attendees understand how to apply those new skills to their daily work. The speakers I encountered are dynamic and willing to share their knowledge. Thanks again to the EOMYS team! (2020)

Stjepan Stipetic. PhD, Associate Professor in the field of Electrical Machines at the University of Zagreb, Faculty of electrical engineering and computing, Croatia.

I attended an EOMYS training course in France in January 2020. The course was very well organized with few speakers covering different areas of vibroacoustics for electrical machines. I learned a lot and got very good basics in vibroacoustic theory together with specific knowledge about influential design parameters of electrical machines. Finally, the EOMYS team is an extremely friendly and modest group of engineers and scientists, strongly focused on sustainable business and open source initiatives. (2020)

Bram Vervisch. PhD, cofounder of Orbits Machinery Diagnostics, Belgium.

As being experts in machinery diagnostics, we at Orbits were very excited to participate in the EOMYS eNVH training. We have a background in electrical machines, drivetrains and mechanical vibrations but were eager to learn more about the specific acoustics of electrical machines. We were hoping to get a solid background on theory, modeling and measuring. EOMYS surely satisfied our needs. For three days, we were served with a combination of thorough academic knowledge and insightful practical applications. Several topics were handled separately by experts in their field. The trainers were open for questions and discussions. In combination with an enthusiastic international audience, this created a nice environment to learn. On top of that, we went for a lunch in the beautiful city of Lille. I will never forget how people were staring at us while measuring the electric noise in the Metro. The theory was validated for sure! If you are interested in the electrification and especially how it will sound like, this is a must. (2020)

Léon Gavric. Expert Leader in NVH, Groupe PSA, France.

EOMYS trainers shared their knowledge on electromagnetic excitation phenomena which is essential to understand for a successful car integration. MANATEE, the software developed by EOMYS, allows a better identification of the frequency ranges and excitation levels of e-motors. WIth EOMYS support, both:

  • adaptation systems can be improved
  • electromagnetic source excitation can be reduced

NVH seminars on e-motors are extremely useful as there is not many training courses on this subject (nor any real know-how in automotive applications). (2019)

Claudia Violeta Pop.Member of the research team at the Technical University of Cluj Napoca, Romania.

I participated to a NVH training about acoustic and vibrations due to electromagnetic forces in electrical machines, held by EOMYS company, in September 2019. During this training, the speakers covered an important part of NVH domain, and they provided very good explanations for general understanding (the participants were from different areas of expertise). The team is very nice and open-minded, and I learnt a lot from them. It was a pleasure to spend time with them. The training helped me to understand better this topic and based on the training, I could finish my PhD Thesis, which contains a chapter based on the NVH domain. Hoping to collaborate with them again soon. (2019)