All our Trainers share our training values.

I first started working on acoustic noise and vibrations of electrical machines during my industrial PhD in Electrical Engineering in 2005, which focused on magnetic noise reduction in traction induction motors. I really enjoyed working on that topic for its multiphysic nature (electrical engineering, electromagnetics, structural mechanics, acoustics, but also heat transfer and signal processing), and because it also covers all fields of engineering (experimental tests, mathematical modeling, and numerical simulation). As a founder of EOMYS, I have been involved in more than 100 e-NVH projects at design stage or after manufacturing.

"I like taking part in technical trainings at EOMYS for the rich technical discussions we have with the engineers, and the effort that it requires to explain things in different ways."

Following a M.Sc. specialized in acoustics (Ecole Centrale Marseille, France) in 2006, I worked as an acoustic engineer focusing of noise emitted by industrial sites and home appliances. In my current job position, I like the complementarity between NVH numerical simulation and vibro-acoustic measurements to characterize and troubleshoot noise issues.

"Being a trainer gives me the opportunity to summarize, communicate and transfer knowledge in my specialty. I particularly enjoy lively trainings with high interactivity."

After a PhD in aeroacoustics in 2006, I worked 10 years, as an NVH engineer, in the railway industry. I developed wide technical and metrological competencies in vibro-acoustic. In parallel, I delivered, for 5 years as a guest teacher, an introduction to acoustic and vibration to MS student in industrial risks course. I joined Eomys in 2020. My activities are mainly focused around vibro-acoustic measurements of electric drives, applied R&D in acoustic noise and vibrations due to magnetic forces in rotating machines and R&D in electric motors sound quality assessment.

"When teaching, I like the challenge of trying to make complex phenomenon understandable to various audiences and finding illustrative examples from everyday life"

I have been working on scientific software engineering since 2014 when I joined EOMYS. The best part of working on scientific software is that there is always something to improve, to experiment, to tune. The most challenging part is to come up with software design that are flexible enough to handle all these evolution and simple enough to enable scientist to focus on science instead of memory management. In particular, I am in charge of the development and architecture of EOMYS’ commercial software MANATEE. and am also working on open-source projects.

"As a trainer, I like to exchange with scientist to discover their field to help them becoming more efficient with some good IT/software practices enhancing reproducible science and knowledge management."