Our training values

We believe that the best way to learn in engineering sciences is to combine hands-on experiments, mathematical modelling and numerical simulation, going from the most genuine example to the most complex system.

Every form of our training (on-site or online) is also the opportunity to exchange knowledge between trainers and trainees. It is not only a one-way transfer of know-how, and we are always excited when our content is received with interest and many questions are asked. This allows us to learn from our trainees, because every application has its own special requirements giving rise to specific technical challenges.

In this sense, our trainings are naturally initially in the form of a presentation, but are interrupted at regular intervals, not just at the end, to leave space for questions and answers, but of course also for enriching comments.

When training sessions take place in our office, we always try to include practical tests on site with our participants to make knowledge more concrete and above all, more vibrant.